League Mobile Apps is where sports and mobile technology come to play. Our apps give players from amateur to pro the ability to rate their peers on the five fundamental skills of each given sport ( ratings are subjective to how players view one another's skills ). Using geo-location; players can mark their favorite sporting locations to play at, check out the competition, rate and be rated by the players around them. League allows players to post their League rating via social media for all to see. The goal is to have the highest rating among your peers or as we say, in your League. League promotes physical fitness, healthy competition, and social interaction. It's time to join in and - GET YOUR STATS UP!


Sheldon Bradley

Sheldon is a native of Memphis TN, and currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area. Upon graduating from high school in Memphis, he attended Murray State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology. After a brief career as a Product Change and Development Engineer, Sheldon pursued his passion for music as a bass guitarist. After touring and recording in the California area, he decided to serve his country as a musician in U.S. Navy Band for 5 years. Upon leaving the military, Sheldon combined his love for technology and the arts to engage in a variety of web, mobile, and multimedia projects. Sheldon has more than 10 years experience in multimedia, web, and mobile application development.

"I grow up in Memphis TN, where basketball is king. And I remember someone donating a portable basketball goal to the kids in my neighborhood. We played on that goal like there was no tomorrow. And because we wanted to play against the best ballers we could find; we would take the goal apart and walk it to other neighborhoods to compete. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I miss those day of competing just for the sake of being known as the best on the block. So that was my whole motivation for initially creating the League For Basketball app and the entire League Mobile Apps brand.

I want people to get out, compete, discover new places, and interact with one another using the tools that we have available today. There wasn't a sports app out there that connected the weekend warriors, pick-up game searchers, streetballers, AAU, high school, college, and semi pro players ( both men and women ) together; based on the very reasons why they play the game. The League Mobile Apps brand is the epitome of what playing sports is all about; no matter what your age, gender, or skill level is. It is about competing against the best players that you can find to sharpen your game. Making a name for yourself, being the top player among your peers, that's what League Mobile Apps is about. League Mobile Apps bring together true competitors through mobile technology, geo-location, and social media."

- Sheldon Bradley