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Find and create new courts

League For Tennis is the only tennis app that helps tennis players find nearby courts to play and compete. And it allows players to continue to build the network of tennis court locations for other players to discover.

Courts Map

League For Tennis lets you scan the map for courts in your area to compete at. New courts are being added daily by competitve League members like you!

Create a new court

If you are at your favorite spot to play tennis and it is not already on the map, then tap the "Mark current location as new court" button while you are there to mark it on the courts map. Now other League members can discover a new court.

Court map markers

Tap on any court marker on the map to see how many players are on that court in REAL-TIME! And to see other detailed information about that court by tapping the "COURT INFO" button.

Favorite courts

League For Tennis members can add and remove any court on the map to their "Fav Courts" list. This feature gives you a quick snap shot of the number of players on your courts (without scanning the map marker) and the last time to you showed up to play. If it's been awhile, you might want to pay the competition a visit.

Check-in at nearby courts

Checking into the courts around you is what League For Tennis is all about! The more courts you check into the bigger your League becomes and the number of players that you are connected to.

Court Information

The Court Info screen shows an image of the currently selected court, along with the name of the court.

Live players list

The Court Info screen also gives a list of all the League members that are currently checked-in on that court. Once you check-in, other members will see you on the list, and then the rating can began!


When you are at any court location tap the "Check-in at this court" button to let the others know that you are on the tennis court! By checking-in you let other members who are scanning the map know how many players are at that court ready to play. So don't just sit there let em know the court's not empty.

Court Notifications

When League members begin to check-in at courts that you have been to, you can receieve notifications when a set number of competitors have arrived at your favorite court(s). You can adjust notification settings within the League For Tennis settings.

real-time ratings

Never guess how the competition REALLY feels about your skills. League For Tennis is the only tennis app where you can rate and be rated by other members on the five fundamental skills of the game. And receive REAL-TIME notifications when other League For Tennis members rate your game. Tap the "Rate" button next to any members name to rate them.

Player information

The rate screen shows an image of the current player you are about to rate. As well as the last rating that you have posted for that player.

The Fundamentals

on the five fundamental skills of tennis: Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Volley, and Rally.

Rate the competition

After you've dialed in the numbers for a players skills tap the "Update Rating" button.

Rating Notifications

As your ratings go up or down, receive instant updates on how other League members are rating your game. So always bring your "A" game to the tennis courts.

The best of the best

The League Stats screen gives you a breakdown of the top competitors within your League. You've seen them on the courts and rated their game, now see how the rest of the League rates their game.

Search your league

Quickly filter through your League and search for members by court, name, etc.

League List

The League list is comprised of all the players that you share a tennis court with and have competed at.

Player Information

Within the League list you get a breakdown of each members username, prefered game they play, their overall League rating, the last time they were rated, and their "home" court.

Stay up to date

Tap the refresh button to make sure you have the latest League rankings.

Bragging rights

As competitve tennis players, we've all done this before. We compare our skills to one another and debate on who's the best among us. Now it's time to #GetYourStatsUp and let League For Tennis do the bragging for you.

Rating Badge

Your current rating is the overall rating that other League members have given you on your game. You will receive a rating badge ranging from "Ball Boy/Girl" to "LEAGUE MVP" according to that overall rating.

Fundamentals Ratings

On the MyStats screen you receive a break down of what your average rating is in each of the five tennis fundamentals.

Share Your Rating

Tap the "SHARE RATING" to show everyone what you have acheived in your League.

Spread the Word

Share your certified League For Tennis rating via Text Message, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and many more.